Gardening is therapeutic for some and an easy hobby for many since it requires minimal effort and a lot of enthusiasm. Here are certain common problems every gardener has to be cautioned of as well as remedies to rectify it.

Avoid Overturning/Raking of Soil

It is a common mistake among gardeners to rake the soil with the aim of aerating it but what this does is more damage than good. Raking soil does not lead to aeration but rather exposes the many microorganisms present in the soil to the heat of sunlight thus, killing them. Instead, you can mix compost and organic fertilizers into your soil to keep it rich and aerated.


Another common issue is the flooding of plants which can often lead to them wilting. Roots already have the natural ability to hold a good capacity of water hence, it is imperative to set up a good sprinkler system or prepare a schedule for watering. Remember too much of anything can also be bad.

Poor choice of location

Plants require a lot of areas to flourish but sometimes the location would not be spacious enough to accommodate as they continue to grow, and this can lead to  crowding. In order to avoid this, the best practice would be to always evaluate your garden and you can always reallocate the plants if they are still at their sapling stage.

Weeds and Pests

Every gardener’s nightmare is the infestation of pests and weeds. They start at the roots and spread vastly in quantity at a fast pace. It is, therefore, imperative to monitor your garden and conduct disinfection and weed control at regular intervals.