There are many elements like pots size, potting and planting process , soil mixture, soil condition , plant condition , light , indoor and outdoor conditions , watering methods and frequency, cutting and pruning, nutrients and care that determine and help you keep your garden always blooming, lush green and well yielding.

Make MY Garden team comes with proper training, vast knowledge and expertise required to maintain your garden with love, care and affection. We follow a 12-step maintenance procedure as listed below to help cultivate beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetable and lush green garden at your home.

We provide trained, experienced gardeners and affordable weekly and bi-weekly maintenance packages to ensure your garden always blooms and stays beautiful. Our maintenance packages start at as low as Rs800/per month.

MMG 12-step Maintenance Program

  • Checking plant condition, analyzing overall plant health and putting aside the plants that need special attention
  • Removal of dried leaves and dried flowers
  • Cutting, trimming and pruning to optimize growth
  • Checking soil condition and loosening soil
  • Providing supports to plants, creepers, veggie garden
  • Potting new plants as per need
  • Re-potting of dying plants if required
  • Relocating pots to optimize sunlight / beautification
  • Watering and guidance on watering frequency
  • Organic pesticide spray to control pests if required
  • Nutrients and fertilizers customized for growth
  • Cleaning site

Garden renovation :

Do you need to renovate your existing garden?

Do you want to repaint your stands, grids, and grills?

Do you want to colour your old pots and old planters?

Do you want to convert your old tubs, water tanks, baskets, bags, shoes, frames, pots into beautiful garden elements? Make my garden can help, we take all garden renovation, setup and redo projects.

Want to organize and De-clutter your indoor and outdoor garden space?  We can help. Make My Garden carries wide variety of customized round, loop, bottle, vertical, 2-step bench, 3-step bench, round corner, triangular corner, L step, ladder, arch stands.

Make my garden centre is house for beautiful garden ideas, garden interiors, garden structures, garden elements.