Younger than baby plants and older than sprouts! These miracle microgreens are beautiful leafy vegetables picked up in their first leaf stage. Miraculous because they’re grown in small troughs, trays and shallow containers very efficiently. Here’s to know more about these microgreens!

These Miracle Microgreens as curated by the at Make My Garden, come with very fancy home-DIY grow kits. It contains a growing tray, seeds, cocopeat, germination paper and an instruction manual to enable a seamless, home-grown experience of consuming microgreens. These provide five times the level of vitamins than their fully-grown counterparts. The classic MMG kit comes with a range of seeds like- super salad mix, spicy radish, peppery mustard, cabbage mix, flax seeds, sweet wheatgrass, chia and many more.

Microgreens are easy to grow, depending on variety give quick harvest, are more nutrient-laden with tiny, tasty leaves, and have an exclusive burst of flavour than the full-grown foliages. Miracle microgreens are a safe to grow, eco-friendly harvest. Microgreens are ideal for many recipes like salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, kinds of pasta and general food toppings. A classic recipe is a pizza with pesto, mozzarella and Arugula Microgreens. Top your pizzas, salads and sandwich spread with freshly washed and moderately cool Arugula.

Healthy Salad: Microgreens like mustard and coriander can also be used to prepare tasty salads. Salads with home dressing sauces often require loaded veggies and freshness. The use of mustard and coriander microgreens can replace unhealthy additives and enhance the freshness of the dish.

Spinach Curry Fry: Microgreens can also be used to add strong flavours to daily curries prepared at home. Spinach curry with radish microgreen gives it a slightly sweetish aftertaste.

Energy Booster Shots: Prepare a nice energy booster detox shot using ginger, coriander microgreens and cucumber. Chill it with ice, add lemon zest for a tangy aftertaste and eat with a lovey table snack at home. These are high in antioxidants, boost the metabolism and has several other health benefits

Microgreen Pesto Sauce: Pesto is a very versatile recipe. It tastes amazing when put on pasta, but you may use it as a salad dressing, or as a paste on sandwich layers. This recipe can be done using a mix of sunflower microgreens and sweet pea shoots.

Roasted Broccoli Microgreen Soup: Place mixed roasted vegetables, broccoli microgreens, feta, beans, lemon juice in a blender. Warm a soup of it in a span. A healthy broccoli soup can be garnished with sunflower seeds and a drizzle of olive oil on top. At Make My Garden, the customers are always encouraged to grow their own microgreens rather than resorting to store-bought ones, as they help maintain freshness till the time of  consumption.