Gardening today is a reaffirmation of hope, a renewed commitment to friendship and goodwill, rejoicing in family bonds and a great outburst of joy. The garden of life teaches us so many lessons with changing seasons. It is hence a great point of building beautiful relationships within a family too. On this occasion of Father’s Day- Make My Garden urges and hopes it inspires your spring parties, showers, and everyday celebrations!

Bengaluru is a city where meet-and-greets, bonding over occasions and important calendar events is celebrated in a great manner. Make My Garden continues to delight its customers with its events and celebration of joy in the littlest things. This year on Father’s Day, Make My Garden promotes the joy of grouping at home with the greatest celebration of a father’s strength, resilience and a big heart. With the unlock phase reopen in the country- it opens a great opportunity for families to invite over garden makeovers, experts and drive a garden set up to facilitate a fresh rush of spring growths, plants, shrubs and beautiful landscape art.

It’s an utter delight to watch the customers enjoy this activity as they display a harmonious relationship with their fathers amidst the garden. A beautiful potting mix activity of changing soil becomes a cordial activity where the hands meet gloves and hearts meet hearts. A father-daughter duo seen weeding the soil, watering the flowers and pruning under the sunshine is an over-brimming cup of joy in itself. A quick herbal tea prepared out of fresh herbs becomes a family drink to be enjoyed after celebrating the fruits earned by a father’s hard work in the garden. Keeping in mind the father’s contributions to making a house into a home, a kid always has their own ways of expressing love in the garden front. Good ole’ father’s shoes become a
decor piece for the backyard and a memory lane in their family timeline.

This year, Make My Garden is also doing a Father’s Day campaign- making people all over the country participate in a giveaway contest. By following a few simple steps, customers stand a chance to win free gift vouchers, plants and microgreen kits at their home. Fathers must do home-garden activities like planting a tree while discussing the family tree with their children. Another amusing one could be to plan a family workout session and yoga in the fresh green nature. Playing games with your children surely brings back the old memories, that could be accompanied by a sumptuous barbeque by the garden. Making your children understand the importance of having fresh veggies by plucking them from the garden is a great father’s day activity too.

At Make My Garden, we welcome families to enjoy at the garden centre too! Plucking fresh vegetables from raised beds, buying and repotting plants for a quick plant therapy session, spending time with the rabbits, indulge in fish feeding, watch your kids enjoy the swings and trampoline, and have a fun day out learning organic farming.

Celebrate the happiness, health and harmony of gardening with your fathers on father’s day with Make My Garden.